Insulated Glass Repair

Most homes today have windows with insulated glass.  These are also referred to as "double pane", "triple pane", or "thermal pane" glass.  Eventually, insulated glass can lose its seal and the result is moisture that forms between the panes.  


If your windows appear cloudy or foggy, or you can actually see water on the inside of the panes, this means the seal of the glass has failed.  Besides being unpleasant to look at, this can cause damage to the windows if it is not repaired in a timely manner.  Especially wood windows.


We can install new insulated glass in your windows with a 10 year warranty against seal failure.  The cost for this service is based on the size of the glass, and is much less expensive than replacing the entire window. We can do this at our shop if you bring the window sashes to us, or we are happy to provide mobile service at your home.


For a fast and accurate quote, please call us at (513) 561-2000.  Or you can click the "contact us" link.  Please list the number of windows that need repair and a rough estimation of the size of the glass that you can see in the frame.